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Who are we?

Upendo is a brand that was created on values: the development of trade based on respect for people and respect for the earth. As an importer/producer, Upendo chooses local partners according to superior quality criteria to guarantee a relationship of trust between all players in the food sector.

Our Sunflower Oil

The sunflower (Helianthus annuus), native to North America, is an annual plant grown for its oil-rich seeds. extracted from sunflower seeds remains one of the main sources of vegetable oil in the world. Particularly rich in vitamin E, sunflower oil is also an excellent natural source of unsaturated fatty acids rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9. The main sunflower oil-producing countries in Europe are Ukraine and Russia, which alone produce nearly half of the world’s tonnage.

Our oil respects the manufacturing steps below:

Process of fabrication

The crude oil resulting from the trituration of sunflower seeds undergoes a set of industrial treatments giving rise to a refined, clear and odorless oil. Degumming, neutralization, dewaxing, discoloration and deodorization are the main stages of refining.


It removes free fatty acids from crude oils to prevent rancidity ulterior. Bleaching and deodorizing rids oils of unwanted pigments and odors.

We offer customization of your edible oil according to framed criteria.

Our personalized offer with quality control

Upendo offers crude oil but also, according to the personalized specifications of its customers, refined edible sunflower oil with the desired specifications and requirements in accordance with the most rigorous quality standards. 

For example:

Codex alimentarius (Max) Upendo Branding (Max) Reference
Appearance Clear, without impurities Clear, without impurities
Unsaponifiable  (%) 1.0 1.0 Codex stan 210-199 rev 2015
Volatiles (%) 0,2 0,2
Impurities (%) 0,05 0,05 maxi
Acidity (%) 0,3 0,06 Internal specification
Peroxide index (meq TO/Kg) 10 1.0
Phosphorus (mg/Kg) 8
Soap (mg/Kg) 5 5 Codex stan 210-199 rev 2015

Our advices for conservation

To preserve all its nutritional and organoleptic qualities, it is recommended to store sunflower oil away from light and heat and to avoid exposure to air and contact with metal ions. Delivered in tanks or 200kg drums, the shelf life of well-preserved refined sunflower oil in a closed container can reach 12 months in jerrycan, pouches, tin cans, bulk and 24 months in PET bottles under nitrogen.

Our logistics

We deliver to your door to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Our offer includes delivery by road throughout Europe and we offer intermodal transport for international transport (road, sea or rail) in particular.
As stipulated by the European Union ATP standards, food tankers transporting liquids are isothermal (i.e. constant temperature) and made of stainless steel. The cleaning and spraying of tank trucks is carried out in a controlled manner.

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