This variety has replaced Fuerte as the industry standard. It is currently the most planted across the
world. Hass avocado is a large fruit that weighs between 200 and 300 g. When it is ripe, its skin
turns dark purple blackish and deforms at the slightest pressure. When it’s ready to eat, it turns
white-green in the middle of the internal fruit. The organoleptic qualities are excellent. The flavor is
rich with a nutty taste and the pulp is smooth and nonfibrous. The Hass variety is the most popular
and most traded avocado in the world.

Characteristics of Hass

  •  Shape: as a pear
  •  Color and skin: Dark green epidermis, then brown when ripe, thin and watery
  •  Oil rate: 18 to 20%
  •  Average weight: 250 to 350g

Global GAP certified.

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