Kenya’s purple passion fruit or granadilla has an excellent reputation for the delicious taste of its
pulp and for its health benefits.

Characteristics of The Grenadillle

  • Shape: Round
  • Color and skin: Change in pigmentation from green to granadilla purple very thick skin that becomes wrinkled at maturity.
  • Size: 4-6cm
  • Mouth: Unique tangy flavor Acid: 12% -18%
  • Pulp: 14-32%
  • Brix 14%
  • Antioxidant

Global GAP certified.

Tasting: You can a according to your tastes a consume or not the seeds of the passion fruit a either by cutting it in half and consuming it plain with a teaspoon or in the form of juice or by cooking it for a sauce for example. Cooking does not alter its flavor.

Nutritional values: Vitamin C; iron and carotenes.

Fruit conservation: At room temperature when it is not ripe. Storage maturity in the refrigerator (average of 4 to 7 degrees Celsius) maximum 7 days.

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