In Kenya, this variety is mainly planted between 1,800 and 2,200 m. The tropical climate allows up
to three blooms.

Characteristics of Fuerte

  •  Shape: obovate
  •  Color and skin: a skin matte green, smooth and of medium thickness. Flexible and tough, it
    comes off easily.
  •  Soft pulp
  •  Oil rate: 16 to 18%
  •  Average weight: 250 to 400g
  •  Excellent organoleptic qualities

Global GAP certified.

Other varieties are also present in Kenya such as Reed, Pinkerton, and Jumbo.

Tasting: The avocado is consumed exclusively raw. Just open it in half to enjoy it plain, with spices,
herbs or lemon, or as an accompaniment.

Nutritional values: vitamins A ,B1, C, K, E; iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc

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