Arabica Beans


The Kenyan Arabica coffee beans, which grows at altitude over 1300 m, is the most sought after green coffee for its finesse.

Characteristics of The Kenyan Coffee

  • Origin: Micro lot from a cooperative of traditional farmers, central Kenya, as well as parts of the west of the country. Ethical trade.
  • Type: AA
  • Size: 18 units through a sieve between 7.25. mm and 8mm
  • Shape: Large grains, oblong
  • Varieties: Bourbon, SL-28, SL-34
  • Mouth: Sharp sour taste, high caffeine content
  • Phytosanitary and AFCA certified.

Roasting and cupping:
Medium amber roasting called monk’s robe or deep brown. The sugars will still be caramelized and the acidity will be reduced. This will result in a coffee with a higher body, but a certain roast flavor imposed for tasting with an aftertaste of fruits and berries.

Nutritional values: Vitamin B3; magnesium and caffeine.

Coffee conservation: The optimal consumption time for an opened packet of coffee beans is:

  • 4 days to 5 weeks after roasting for use as a filter.
  • 10 days to 5weeks after roasting for use in espresso.

Dry place, at room temperature, protected from air and light.

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