Apple Mango


The Apple Mango is native to the Kenyan coast.

Characteristics of The Apple Mango

  • Shape: Large or medium size round shape
  • Color: Yellow or orange to red fruit when ripe
  • Skin: Smooth and thin
  • Mouth: Yellow and juicy flesh. Virtually fiber-free melting texture.
  • Customer satisfaction: Excellent flavor of very high quality. Harvest from December to early March.

Tasting: Depending on your tastes, taste the fruit by removing the stone to taste the flesh with a spoon. Cut the fruit lengthwise along the stone; then dice the pulp with a thin knife without cutting the skin, then detach the blocks from the peel by turning the skin inwards.

Nutritional values: Vitamin A and vitamin C; potassium and copper.

Fruit conservation: At room temperature; do not refrigerate or at temperature below 8 degrees Celsus.

Global GAP certified.

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