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Who are we?

Upendo was created on values: the development of the trade of high quality coffee and oils resulting from an ethical sector between the north and the south in the respect of the sustainable environment, the non exploitation of the beings and the possibility of fixing the prices by local producers. Thus, Upendo is also a brand of processed products that reflects its values.

The Parisian company, a pioneer in the field, is now called Upendo™, specializing in the international import of fresh products, with certifications such as Global Gap, ISO, Haccp, … and oils with certifications such as ISCC. Our producer know-how and our partnerships allow us to select and negotiate the best fresh fruits such as avocados, passion fruits, mangoes and pineapples, but also the crude or refined oil of sunflowers needed to the daily diet. Our local producers are always selected according to high quality criteria and specifications to guarantee a relationship of trust between all the players in our food sector chain.

Our vision of success is the serene relationship generating the satisfaction of end consumers and allowing the dissemination of education and social redistribution for long-term agricultural projects supervised by an organic certification body such as Ecocert.

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